Evan Hsu with the grenade launcher

The grenade launcher is a secondary weapon that can be found from a crate. The grenade launcher shoots grenades slowly and can only shoot at long range. The grenades inflict the most damage though by exploding when they hit the ground.


The grenade launcher has levels. The higher the level, the more grenades you shoot out at once. All the levels have different names.

Level 1: Boomshot

Level 2: The Import

Level 3: Bloodhound

Level 4: The Rhino

Level 5: The Decimator

Level 6: Iron Lung

Level 7: The Trinader

Level 8: Exhaust Pipe

Level 9: The Quadinater

Level 10: The Dismemberater


  • Sensei Evan is the only character that starts with the grenade launcher. In fact he starts with dual grenade launchers.

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